5 Steps to Eating Healthy While Traveling

5 Steps to Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating can be very hard while traveling or on vacation.

Here are my 5 steps to eating healthy while traveling.

1. Plan ahead

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. When Benjamin Franklin said it he was and is still nailing on the head. To get you a head start here’s a blog entry from The Food Babe to help you spark some ideas for your travel food and how to pack it.  Eating Organic Away from Home –Food Babe

2. Research local eateries and grocery stores

This can be challenging at times but don’t give up. You know where your destination is so make phone calls to the hotel and local grocery stores in that area to get an idea of what will be available to you if you’re in a pinch. “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.” –Proverbs 15:22 NLT (NLT has a better translation in my opinion.)

3. Ask questions

Always ask questions about the origin of the food you’re thinking about eating. Also, ask your waiter how they cook certain items. For example, if you order salmon, ask where the fish is from. The correct answer would be just about anything other than farm raised but the ideal answer would be Alaska. Ask if they grill or pan sear the fish and what oils and spices they use. If they answer wild Alaska salmon then the remaining questions are almost always what you aim to hear.

4. Pack Healthy Food

If your options are limited on a business trip, for example, you may want to eat before heading out with the group using your planned reserves. You might find a salad or something that fits the bill. Don’t be afraid to give your suggestions also. If you don’t you can’t complain about the result.

5. Have a Backup Plan

A backup plan can consist of bringing some of your food to eat with others, eating ahead of time so you aren’t tempted while watching others eat, and even skipping out on eating out altogether. This one’s hard but sometimes it’s better to not risk your health than to compromise on toxic restaurant foods. Be strong!

How this comes together will ultimately be up to you and will look different for everyone. Take your time, plan ahead, do your research and dive head first into your vacation and eat well too!