Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise?

Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise
Our society is very lazy. We let TV, video games, food in some cases babysit our kids so we as parents can get a break. Then our kids begin acting out or their mood changes dramatically and they get in trouble.
Let’s jump to schools. Our schools are even sedentary now, opting for drawing or reading instead of running and playing outside. In many public schools especially, it isn’t even an option to play outside anymore. Why? Someone’s kid got hurt playing on the monkey bars and the parents sued the school! What?!?…
Okay, so you’re thinking, “yeah, but my kid plays sports. That’s where they get their activity.” Well, yes, but only if your kid is on the starting squad. Otherwise, they’re sitting on the bench and keeping it warm. That’s about the extent of their energy exertion.
But let’s assume your kid(s) are starters. Unless they’re in high school sports practicing daily and playing regularly, they’re probably only practicing one or two times per week at most! What about the remaining 5 days?

Show Me the Facts

According to the 2015 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth, children need to be more active, and particularly, must have lots of free unstructured play to thrive. This Canadian study gave Canada a D- for physical activity for the third year in a row.[1] The United States didn’t do an ounce better, D- for us also. [2]
In fact, 42% was the number of inactive children in America! Couple that with the sugary epidemic our country and others now are facing and you have the perfect cocktail for disease and early onset cancer and diabetes!
Environmental factors play a role also. The rate of activity differs from neighborhood to neighborhood based on the family’s income.

What’s the Solution?

The solution isn’t to drop your kids out of their sports, dance and P.E. classes. The solution is to have MORE activities. There’s a limit, of course, moderation is also key.  Send your kids outside to run around, act wild and crazy and give them room to express themselves through their activity.

Some ideas to keep you moving as a family are to go for walks, or bike rides, pack a ball or a jump rope in your bag on outings and hit the park. Take a family hike down a trail. Go on active day trips or just play in the backyard. Schedule an hour a day for your kids to play outside after school or after dinner (or break it up into smaller time periods throughout the day).
Find other families to be active with on weekends. Create active games and make them part of your everyday routine like hopping to the breakfast table or throwing laundry into a basket. There are a million ways to do this; find a handful that works for your family and go from there.
Dad’s, please have “silly” time with your kids, wrestle with them and act silly yourself. Your kids yearn for your attention, especially your daughter. You are a king, bigger than life to your children. Be there for them! These are times you’ll never get back. They will carry what you and mom teach them to the next generation. Don’t leave it up to the schools and churches to grow up your kids. You’ll get what you put into them.
Here’s a large list of activities for children and even toddlers you can use.
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