Eating Out? How to Eat Out Safely


Chances are, you either suffer, have suffered or know someone who does suffer from an auto-immune disease. Eating out should be a rare occasion for you even if you are in the small percentage that doesn’t suffer.

With my disclaimer out-of-the-way, let’s talk about those times when you can’t avoid eating out. For me, it happens when I don’t have a plan for each day of the week. Not being prepared with a plan has a trickle effect and usually starts the day before or days before the actual occurrence happens. It goes something like this. I forget to grill my protein for the week on Sunday. Monday rolls around and I don’t have a protein for my lunch and then I end up opting for something out to eat. This doesn’t happen often anymore but when it does there are a few places on my safe list. You’ll need to make your safe list also. Here is two restaurant picks on my list that you might add to yours.

Chipotle Logo

At Chipotle, I always ask for a burrito bowl. You’re essentially making a salad with all the burrito toppings. You’re getting a lot more food but skipping the carbs and grains in a tortilla.

  • Burrito Bowl
    • I’ll rotate no rice and very little rice. Rice is full of refined carbs (no nutrients).
    • Pile on the fajita veggies. Ask for extra if they skimp here. Sometimes a little smile helps!
    • Black beans
    • I typically choose chicken but their beef is also antibiotic-free and natural.
    • Mild pico (Haven’t branched into the hotter ones yet.)
    • No corn (especially for Crohn’s and IBD folks)
    • No cheese or sour cream. (Not grass-fed)
    • Pay extra for the heaping scoop of guacamole! The benefits outweigh the cost in its healthy fats.
    • Lettuce.


Be aware of the amount of sodium in any restaurant salad. They are normally packed more sodium than your daily allowance. However, there are a few options at Panera. Here are my choices.

  • Salads
    • Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken Salad
    • Classic with Chicken Salad – Add the chicken to get the added protein.

I avoid gluten so I don’t recommend any sandwiches here. Even though Panera made a sound choice to go NON-GMO they still have gluten in their bread and meats.

Please add your choices below by posting a comment and share with others.