Exercise for Mind and Body

We hear a lot about exercise these days. More now than ever in my opinion. I believe it is partly due to the more health conscious society we live in but also the amount of information we have available to us about the benefits of exercise on the body and mood.
Even without taking in environmental and food toxins our body builds up its own that need to be expelled. Some of them can only be expelled via exercise. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, boost mood, remove toxins, stay in shape or build muscle, exercise is a very important piece of doing so.

How Exercise Affects the Body

First and foremost, you must listen to your body. If something is not feeling good, aching or if you get results saying you have high blood pressure, remember it is your body telling you something isn’t right. Many times lack of exercise is at the core of it but food also plays a tremendous role. I suffered from tremendous bone pain, headaches and migraines, veins that throbbed, muscles that constantly twitched, plantar fasciitis and so much more. Although many of the problems I had were mainly from medication side-effects, so much of it was relieved by exercising regularly. And when I say so much of it, I really mean literally all of it!
One of the bodies releases for toxins is through sweating. Exercise induces sweat which causes those toxins to expel through your pores. Remember those toxins are creating inflammatory reactions throughout the body which cause certain symptoms to occur throughout the body. Expelling them relieves the pressure and therefore relieves the symptoms. If you exercise regularly your symptoms may go away with proper diet included.
For those with high blood pressure and elevated insulin levels, exercise is also the most effective way to lower those numbers back to normal levels. [1] I certainly agree with Dr. Mercola, that exercise is far more powerful in controlling these symptoms, along with diabetes and high cholesterol, than any drug on the market. [1]
One of the easiest forms of exercise is walking and we should all be doing this daily at the very least.

Affects On Your Mood

Our mood can be affected by many things throughout the day. The stress of the day can cause us to be sent into this negative thought process. Thankfully, God created a mechanism for the release of mood-boosting chemicals to improve our mood.  How? Exercise! Great from those Winter blues to those stressful days at work or home. A simple walk outdoors, with a little aid from the sun giving you a boost in vitamin d, will improve your mood and help you lower those stress levels back to normal.
God didn’t design our bodies to be sedentary or idle but instead to be more or less constantly moving. Our bodily processes work more efficiently with this constant movement.
Computers, cars, gadgets, etc have cause us to sit idle now in our job and at home. This is not natural and it is up to you to prevent yourself from getting caught up in it.
There are solutions to these problems but we’ll cover that later.
Dr. Mercola describes perfectly what happens to your body when you exercise along with how to use it as an antidepressant in his article Clear Skin and Improved Mood.

But I Don’t Have Time!

By far, the biggest excuse we throw out when exercise is mentioned. However, if we use what society says we should do and how long we should do it, then we certainly don’t have time. These workout videos and classes at the gym will easily take an hour of your day which is precious time. With the exception of obesity, this level of exercise is not required. You can carry out and maintain a healthy mood and body with as little as 5-10 minutes per day. You may end up shuffling your schedule around later to add more to your workout routine but start out small and work your way up.

But I Sit at a Desk for 8 Hours Per Day

Don’t worry, so do I! Some simple things to incorporate are…

  • Get up and walk around the house or building every 45 minutes to get the blood flowing and work some of that lactic acid out.
  • Get a stand-up desk or modify your current desk so that you can stand and work. Our bodies just weren’t meant to be sitting all the time.
  • Run or walk at lunch time.
  • Walk multiple times throughout the day.

Those are a few that I have incorporated into my life. I’d love to hear how you may add to this list for yourself and maybe you already have! Please share with us below via comment or on our Facebook page.


There’s plenty of scientific data and research done on the positive effects of exercise. I encourage you to research further and incorporate as much as you can into your daily life. Getting up early is hard for many of us but I want to encourage you to set a goal and make it a priority. The morning is the best time for your body to exercise. This would mean you need to go to bed earlier, set your alarm earlier, tell yourself the night before that it’s going to happen, set your workout clothes out the night before and lastly have a plan. These steps are what I use and they work well. An article was recently published that also follows these steps ironically which validates my method.

Remember that 1-2 hours of exercise is not normal. Starting out with 5-10 minutes of elliptical, treadmill, running, jump roping and lifting weights of 5-10 pounds with simple reps is all you need starting out. You’ll find that getting easier and then you’ll know it is time to increase intensity.

I hope you find this helpful and that you find ways to add exercise into your daily life to upgrade mood and overall well-being.

For a great starter reference, here’s Dr. Chelsea Axe with her Full Body 12 Minute Workout for ladies. For men, I recommend doing one of these workouts per day on this workout plan.
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