GMOs: Remove this toxic substance

One of the first things I took out of my diet and my families diet is GMO’s or “Genetically Modified Organisms”. The Non-GMO Project defines it as “living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering”. [1]

To understand why GMO foods should be removed from your diet it’s important to understand the history.

The Original Intent Was Good…

In 1980, the first GMO patent was issued. The patent was for a modified bacterium that would literally eat crude oil from an oil spill. Sounds like it’s needed right? As usual, we didn’t think about the repercussions of opening this door too much. The patent didn’t come without some heat. It had to go all the way to the Supreme Court where a 5-4 vote won the GE engineer his patent. [2] It was only 2 years later that the FDA used this open door to get its first GMO.

The original intent was good. The FDA wanted to keep crops from being taken over by insects and wanted longer shelf life. They succeeded and over 100 million acres were planted with GMO seeds worldwide. To their surprise, they found an insect, caterpillar-cum-moth, Helicoverpa zea, feasting on cotton that was resistant to the GMO bt-toxin that these seeds contained. These moths had adapted and become resistant within 3 years.

Just 8 years later a pregnant woman is found to test positive for the bt-toxin and so does the fetus.

Then to Now

Since 2011, we’ve seen GMO’s infiltrate our foods at an alarming rate despite the facts. History tells us the effects of this organic material engineering are harmful but the FDA continues to allow it in the US. Don’t believe the food industry or the “scientists” that say otherwise. They are all backed by “Big Food” dollars to lie to you the consumer.

“The science is quite clear: Crop improvement by the modern molecular techniques of biotechnology is safe.”  –AAAS [3]

GMO’s are linked to cancer, allergies, and even death. Here are just a few more to be concerned about…

  • Increase in antibiotic resistance
  • Problems with endocrine system
  • Disorders of the reproductive system
  • Increase in aging symptoms

If you’re to live a healthy and thriving life free of sickness and disease remove these foods today. Clear out your pantries and refrigerators and use this as a guideline for doing so.

Here’s what you need to know

Top 6 Foods to Eliminate from Your Diet

  1. GMO Foods
  2. Processed Sugar
  3. Gluten (in wheat, barley, rye. Use organic sprouted grains instead.)
  4. A1 Casein (conventional milk and dairy)
  5. Hydrogenated Oils (canola, sunflower, vegetable oils. AKA Trans fat.
  6. Artificial Sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-k, Saccharin, sucralose, neotame)

The Toxic Two

These foods contain high levels of GMO’s. These farm animals are raised on GMO grains (usually soy). Farm animals are should be raised to eat grasses and food from the earth. Not man-made substances. You’ll only end up eating meat from a sick animal pumped full of antibiotics and GMO foods.  Your body wasn’t meant to ingest this stuff.

Alternatively, buy organic grass-fed, grass finished beef and dairy and organic free range chicken.

  1. Conventional Meats
  2. Conventional Dairy


To sum things up, avoid these foods and substances and replace with organic foods and ingredients.