Harmful Additives



Avoid These Additives

  • Artificial Food Coloring – Found in processed foods, cereals, fruit snacks, drinks, etc. May contribute to nerve damage, hyperactivity, learning disabilities and even carcinogenic effects.
  • Artificial Flavors – “Catch All” phrase that does not include all ingredients. Often contain MSG (see free glutamates below) or other additives.
  • Artificial Sweeteners – Aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal), Sucralose (Splenda), Neotame—Found frequently in drinks, puddings, yogurt, ice cream/popsicles, etc. Highly toxic and highly chlorinated. Studies show links to impaired brain development and damage, nervous system disruption, MS-type symptoms, tremors, seizures, weight gain, etc.
  • BHA/BHT – Found in many processed foods containing fats. Generally used to keep fats from becoming rancid. Shown to cause liver and kidney damage, infertility, suppressed immune system, cancer, etc. BHT is banned in England.
  • Hydrogenated & Partially Hydrogenated Oils – Corn, soy, canola, vegetable oils. These oils go rancid with medium to high heat and in turn become carcinogenic which leads to unhealthy blood cells and then is linked to many types of cancer.
  • rBGH – Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, a synthetic, human-made hormone injected into commercially raised cattle to produce more milk. So many side-effects in humans but primarily linked to causing cancer.