Smartphone Apps

These smartphone apps are helpful for tracking different areas of your lifestyle. I’ve listed apps for sleep tracking, the nutritional value of a certain food, tracking, helping with your exercise routine and more. I use some of them and the ones I don’t come highly recommended. Hopefully, they’re useful for you also.

  • Cara – Your personal food and symptom diary. (iOS, Android) (I highly recommend this app!)
  • Map My Run (iOS, Android)
  • Map My Ride (iOS, Android)
  • My Fitness Pal (iOS, Android) Food, weight, calories and more.
  • Sleep Cycle (iOS, Android)
  • Fooducate (iOS, Android) Food item rating and information
  • A-Z Food Nutrition Facts (iOS)
  • CarbsControl-Carb Counter and Tracker (iOS, Android)
  • Fitbit (iOS, Android) Step counter, sleep and more depending on version.
  • Think Dirty (iOS) Allows you to scan barcodes or search by name for over 200,000 products. Ratings are given to products and suggestions are given for better, healthier, less toxic products. Highly suggested!