Sugar Part 1 – Cancer’s Food


Sugar-Is-PoisonThere’s so much to talk about when it comes to the effects of sugar on the body I had keep sharing.

Even if you’re in stage 4 cancer it’s not too late to reverse the internal damage that a high sugar lifestyle has on the body. It takes being intentional, radical, and the heart of a lion.

I don’t have stage 4 terminal cancer and I don’t want to get it. My dad’s family tree line is riddled with GI issues. They range from diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease to colon cancer of all different stages. Colon cancer has taken at least three members of that tree line and I am not about to be the next.

Seven months ago, my GI specialists called me after a follow-up colonoscopy to tell me they found what they believe to be mild dysplasia. In short, it is pre-cancerous cells in my large intestine in two places. As you can imagine it was a shock to me. I had to fight all the negative thoughts that were wanting to roll through my head and take each of them captive and turn them over to Jesus.

It was the very next day that the Lord introduced me to Dr. Jake Perrish at Victory Health and Wellness. Dr. Jake was able to piece the information and knowledge I already had about food and medicine together. Not only that but when this news about dysplasia came my way, I shared it with him, he dropped everything to take me into his office and put a game plan together. He had people in line waiting for his services! While in his office he told me about Dr. Charles Majors who defeated stage four brain cancer. Dr. Majors used food and what some would consider radical techniques to accomplish this. If I remember right it was just months after his diagnosis that he was given a clean bill from cancer. WOW! Read his story for yourself in his book called The Cancer Killers.

One of the main contributors he blames his diagnosis on is the amount of sugar in his life. Most of the techniques he uses are to battle inflammation caused by sugar in all areas of his body. I’m using many of them myself currently including starving cancer. Cancer’s primary food is sugar so if you starve your body of it, you starve cancer. Part of the protocol is to replace with all natural, preferably organic, plant foods, of which are almost all cancer killers. Turmeric being one of the best.


The journey is hard. Sugar is addicting and it is in everything. Well, almost. There are plenty of foods that you never see advertising on. When is the last time you saw a commercial for eating raw spinach or kale? How about the power of juicing green vegetables? You’ll never see that and the reason is, it would bankrupt the food industry, aka “Big Food”. They want you to eat more sugar so they push it and push it hard with advertising. There’s a long history which I cover in a different article, Sugar Part 2 – Inflammation.

Something that is not mentioned in most reading or at all in advertising is essential oils. In my family, we are “Oily” as they say. We trust the Seed to Seal promise of Young Living and with friends that have stood on the very soil and ground where the oils are extracted, we know they’re pure. Far and beyond the so-called organic movement. That’s another story in itself.

I use oils for many things but particularly for helping me to rid long-term damage from sugar in my gut. I take Frankincense and Peppermint orally every morning in a vegetable capsule.

Changing the way you eat takes dedication. Most people will not achieve this because they do not have any outside factors out of their control driving their decision. For example, cancer, Crohn’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. Unless you have something like this people tend to not put forth the effort required to prevent it from ever happening until it becomes reality for them. Please be encouraged by this message and never listen to doubt. You are your own worst enemy.

To get you started visit my “Start Here” page for my Top 10 Replacement Foods List along with some other useful resources to give you a head start in the game. The best advice is to take this process slowly and look for the long term benefits. Take it day by day.

Don’t settle for chemo and radiation. Killing the very systems of the body that are trying to kill the cancer is not the answer. It’s like closing your eyes and aiming a gun. Chemo and other treatments are not targeted, they are aiming at everything all at once.

If you are struggling with cancer or even another disease or sickness, I pray that this information is helpful to you.

Please watch the following video starring Dr. Charles Majors which is packed full of information regarding the dangers of sugar. May you find it helpful and inspiring.