Getting Restful Sleep

The lack of sleep was something I dealt with regularly while suffering from Crohn’s. High doses of immunosuppressant drugs such as prednisone, sulfasalazine, and many others caused side effects, irritations, irritability and additional stress on my […]

Eating Out? How to Eat Out Safely

Chances are, you either suffer, have suffered or know someone who does suffer from an auto-immune disease. Eating out should be a rare occasion for you even if you are in the small percentage that […]

Why does it seem like everyone has auto-immune disease?

There are some things that are universal and one of them is you can always follow the money trail. In this case, all paths lead back to the large pharmaceutical conglomerates and junk food companies. […]

Medicate or Fooducate

It’s time to “Fooducate” yourself back to health and wellness. Fooducate is a word I heard a few years ago that means probably what you think it does; educate yourself about food, its ingredients, and its effects […]

Characteristics of an Avenger

Today I feel inspired to talk about how essential oils relate to the characteristics of an Avenger. What? Yes, I mean the movie The Avengers. Each of the characters has their own unique abilities and […]

5 Steps to Eating Healthy While Traveling

5 Steps to Eating Healthy While Traveling Eating can be very hard while traveling or on vacation. Here are my 5 steps to eating healthy while traveling. 1. Plan ahead “If you fail to plan, […]