Poop Health: Is Your Poop Normal? Why You Should Check Your No. 2

Why You Should Check Your No 2

We’re all human right? So, let’s not be shy about a very basic function of human life: pooping. Sure, we laugh and make lots of jokes about it. However, it’s really no laughing matter when […]

How to Eat with Crohn’s Disease and Natural Alternatives


 Understanding how to eat with Crohn’s disease is a mystery to most. It took me 10 years to figure it out but I had to figure it out on my own. I’m laying out […]

Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise?


Our society is very lazy. We let TV, video games, food in some cases babysit our kids so we as parents can get a break. Then our kids begin acting out or their mood changes […]

Are Some Exercises Better Than Others? Plus 10 Whole Body Exercises

Are Some Exercises Better Than Others - My Rebellious Colon

Today we’re talking about what exercises. Are some better than others? From my research and experience, the answer is definitely yes. According to MedicalDaily.com and many other sources, exercises that require short bursts of energy […]

Exercise for Mind and Body

We hear a lot about exercise these days. More now than ever in my opinion. I believe it is partly due to the more health conscious society we live in but also the amount of […]

Is Your Doctor Looking Out For You?

When you hear the word heal, do you think of a doctor? Most of you do and I used to also. Back when this mess of autoimmune disease cropped up in my life, my first […]