Soothing Thieves Tea

When I feel a sore throat coming on I turn to one thing and that is my Thieves tea. I can’t think of a better tool in the tool belt than Thieves to prevent and […]

10 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil

I’m excited to talk about Thieves oil. It is probably my favorite oil. There are practical uses for it around the house with cleaning and mold removal, but, I want to focus specifically on health […]

The Ugly Truth About Vaccines

vaccines -

As parents, we are faced with the decision, “to vaccinate or not vaccinate”. The influenza vaccine alone is linked to neurological disorders including Autism and ADD. Today, children from birth to 6 years old receive […]


One of the things a good friend of mine shared with me was about the toxicity we surround and expose ourselves to daily. Most of the time unnecessarily because we’re ignorant. Removing as much toxicity as possible was and is key to recovery from auto-immune disease.