The Toxicity of Negativity and How It Effects Your Health

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We’ve all had bad days. Days when we just can’t catch a break. Then we have days where we’re just not feeling the best and are down about ourselves. Trials and circumstances come our way and can really mess with our emotions and well-being if we allow them to.
Have you ever thought about the impact of each mental decision your making? I’m specifically talking about negativity toward yourself and others. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion, the kids are particularly hard on a certain day, someone made a comment on your physical appearance, etc. There are many times we’re faced with a choice in our mind to be negative about circumstances and situations.
What happens to our brains when negativity creeps in?

Negativity Comes Easy

Negativity literally kills the brain. The problem is negativity comes easy. When something negative happens we can get hyper-focused on it without even trying. The brain by default alerts itself to potential threats in the environment and then awareness of positive aspects suddenly takes a lot more deliberate effort. This means that it can be hard to see the positives in a negative circumstance or event and that if positive aspects are to be seen, heard or felt you’ll have to purposely think and focus on them. There has to be a kind of pro-active effort to do things that will change your thinking and attitude. [1]

Side Note:

There were many times I allowed negativity to creep in with Crohn’s, Cancer, side-effects of drugs, family, etc. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way through trial and error. My hope and prayer are that you can learn from me and apply this to your life now instead of after “IT” becomes a problem. Whatever “IT” is for you. Alright, back to the article.

The Vicious Cycle

Have you ever noticed that when you hear a word or subject you’ve never heard of before, you hear about it more and more? It’s the same with negative thinking. If you think negatively all the time, if you read and listen to the negative news and media all the time or worry often then you’re at severe risk of experiencing brain disruptions and severe health complications.
The result of this can cause all kinds of unwanted emotions. Negative thinking is not just a bad thing, it’s actually a destructive habit that can ruin your brain, body and overall health long-term. Depression is the number one result of this. The fact that it’s a destructive habit is the very reason it is hard to come out of depression, it is a habitual thought of negativity.[2]

Positive Thinking!

How do we combat this negativity? It takes practicing positive thinking! Sounds easy but it certainly isn’t while you’re in trying times and circumstances.

Take Baby Steps

Think about the negativity that comes so naturally in today’s culture, negative media, maybe toxic relationships. By changing from negative input sources and upgrading our thoughts to positive input sources, we can instantly improve our mood and attitude toward life and self.
There’s a science of the brain called Neuroplasticity. It’s the study of the brain’s ability to repair itself and create new highways where they were presumably dead. What scientists have observed is that positive thinking literally re-wires the brain.
You might have heard the popular phrase, “The Power of Positive Thinking” or even about the book. It’s not just a phrase, it is fact.[3]
It turns out William James, the founder of Neuroplasticity, was right all along. If a part of the brain is dead or damaged, the function is not altered or lost, it is waiting for us to do something about it and fix it!
Repetitive positive thought and positive action can rewire your brain and strengthen areas that harness positive feelings. [4]


It’s becoming harder and harder to avoid the negativity that persists in our world today. Ultimately you are in control of the sources of input in your life. Whether visually, audibly or any other way, we can choose alternative sources that impact us positively but it will take intentionality.

Choose to have positive thoughts, smile, laugh, surround yourself with positive people and remove the negative ones. If your job causes you constant stress and hardships, find a new one! It’s not easy and won’t happen quickly in most situations but it IS doable.

It really comes down to one question. How much do you value your health?