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Learn How to Push Reset On Your Health to Achieve Health &Wellness 

I’m Bryce Dovenbarger, Crohn's and Cancer Crusher. I spent 10 years searching and struggling to find these answers so YOU don't have to. Will you let me be your health mentor?  

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I'm always looking to find new ways to serve you. Here are just a couple.

Remission Possible

Learn the insider information about what Crohn's disease is, how to battle it, and the best way to eat.

Gut Healing Beverage Recipes

Creating a new healthy you requires a dramatic change in your lifestyle. These recipes are designed to nourish but also taste great!

Leaky Gut Survey

Take the Leaky Gut Survey to determine if you're one of the 90%+ effected. Determining this is crucial to restoring your health!

Unsafe Gluten List

Gluten is hidden in so many foods, products, etc. Here's a list you can refer to in order to help you on this journey. This is a must download!

What Our Members Say


"My health is restored and I achieved remission from Crohn's thanks to the practical, in-depth information provided by My Rebellious Colon. Thank you!"

-Donna, Lincoln, NE

"We saw 10 GI specialist and docs over 3 years and saw no improvement in my sons Crohn's. It wasn't until I found Bryce and the information he provides that I was able to help my son get into remisson.  

-Kathy , Denver, CO

"This website has changed my entire families health. We have changed the way we eat and no longer diet but have created a new lifestyle! Thank you Bryce!"

-Debbi, Miami, FL

"I am healthier and have more energy than when I was in high school now. I LOVE the recipes and so do my kids!"

-Doug, Dallas, TX

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