Why does it seem like everyone has auto-immune disease?

There are some things that are universal and one of them is you can always follow the money trail. In this case, all paths lead back to the large pharmaceutical conglomerates and junk food companies. All they care about is profit and they are even willing to sacrifice children’s’ health for their own monetary gain.

Over the past 25 years, the average person has increased their intake of sugar from 123 pounds of sugar a year to 160 pounds a year! It’s not entirely our fault either. We’ve been sold a bill of goods by the same group that we are supposed to trust to inspect and protect our food. The very foods that used to be healthy are now not because they are filled with sweeteners and other modified ingredients.

There are billions of dollars being injected into advertising and studies to try to make you believe the lies and keep eating and drinking these incredibly unhealthy foods. As a result, America is taking in more sugar that their bodies can handle. The typical American diet consists of eating fast food multiple times a week, eating sandwiches, lunch meats, yogurt, ice cream, milk (don’t get me started here). Milk is one of the worst sugar filled lies on the market. My family doesn’t drink regular milk because of the sugar content not to mention that it’s just sugar water with injected vitamins. There’s no benefit to milk by the time it hits store shelves.

Worse yet, Diet Coke. It’s just a play on words really. Diet, Coke. People bought this lie also. You probably know about the ingredients and that it contains aspartame but drink it anyway. I bet you didn’t know how much Coke was spending to try and keep you drinking it and other products, though.  Check out the graphic at the bottom. (Medical Daily)

The best example I can give you on how bodies react is my bucket example. Picture a bucket inside your body that holds sugars. Your bucket can only hold so much sugar. If you eat fast food, sodas, cereals and ice cream all the time your bucket will fill up quickly. When it overflows depends on the amount of sugar you take in on a regular basis. It will overflow and when it does that’s the point where the immune system decides it’s going to attack the healthy cells, tissue, and membranes. Once your bucket begins overflowing you officially have an auto-immune disease.


This is why our friends and families are getting sick and fat for that matter. Even exercise won’t prevent this from happening. Believe me, I know first hand.

The moral of this story is, once again, please read your food labels. Understand and research how foods break down in the body. If you won’t, who will?

Let me know what your thoughts on this topic.

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